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Hello! This site belongs to man often known as Kasreyn. He has many hobbies and little projects. You can find him @ EFNet #shmups.

This is an old game for IBM PC DOS. Possibly the first game I ever played and what got me into gaming. The gameplay can be a challenge as enemies shift shape and come after you in both predictable and unpredictable ways. Yeah .. I forgot you can shoot in this game.. To run this in dosbox add -machine cga for that original feel. Ctrl+F11 slows down the speed. Add -mappings to set a different key for capturing movies.

Cirqus Voltaire, a pinball game released 1997 by Midway (Bally).

Thanks to the efforts of the community we can play real world pinball on our home computers. This table was made by scapino and like all his tables it is of very high quality. There are many other usermade tables but this and CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON are my favourites and they are a blast to play :)

Below you will find a rather long list of information about this table, Visual Pinball and how to get it running. Because it's totally worth playing, though the hoops an average joe have to jump through may be too many. Without the information I will provide it just won't be a very enjoyable table to play.

First register or log in to VPforums (or the link to ROM below will not work). Then you need Visual Pinball (with VPinMAME), the table and the ROM.

Visual Pinball is a 2D monster, it doesn't use any form of 3D hardware acceleration. Here comes the weird part, DirectX automaticly tries to use acceleration and that can cause games to have visual bugs or run slow. On most tables there is no noticeable effect, but Cirqus Voltair uses 2D so heavily it basicly becomes unplayable.

This is fixed by manually switching off hardware acceleration. In most versions of windows this is easy, just go to Display Properties->Troubleshoot and drag the slider to "None". For Vista you need Application Compatibility Toolkit. Download, install and make a new entry for Visual Pinball.exe. Select Windows XP compatibility mode and at the last screen make sure "ForceDirectDrawEmulation" is checked.

I also recommend changing the ball physics to "ultrapin" (instead of "VP Physics") and saving the table. The option can be found within one the menus in Visual Pinball. I have found it to be much easier to hit the arc-ramp with ultrapin physics. Unfortunately the menagerie ball seems to interfere with ultrapin physics so i switched that off by typing "m" and restarting the table.
081024 More Visual Pinball information.
081022 Added some music and entry about Cirqus Voltaire
081021 Perl: added rmsparsefile
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